Vegas Here We Come! SuperZoo 2017

SuperZoo 2017

The biggest pet show in the world.

Do you ever look around and wonder how you got to be so lucky? How you got to have so many great things in your life like beer and dogs? Every once in a while, something great comes along and makes you stop and realize just how fortunate you are. For Beer Paws, one of those moments is when we decided to showcase our products at SuperZoo later this month in Las Vegas.

SuperZoo, if you didn’t know, is the biggest trade show in the world of pet products. It’s a chance to get together with other people who love dogs, cats and iguanas, shake some hands, hand out some samples and build relationships.

From a business sense, that’s why we’re going — to make contacts and learn. Along with our friends from Slik Hound, another Kansas City-based company that supplies the world’s coolest dog collars and accessories, we’re going out to make some contacts.

But really we’re going to have fun. It’s Vegas, after all. We’re going to head to Sin City to see all the great new innovations in the world of pets, see the crazy grooming styles and generally learn ways to make our businesses better suited to the needs of you, the pet owner. And it’s a sign of just how far we’ve come.

With more than 10,000 attendees from all over the world, we’re sure to get some great ideas for new products, marketing strategies and new ways to give back.  We’re really excited to be going, and even if we don’t strike it rich on the casino floor (and who visits Vegas without gambling?), I know Beer Paws and Slik Hound will be big winners.