Want to Work With Your Dog? Here Are Some Ways to Make That Happen

Want to Work With Your Dog? Here Are Some Ways to Make That Happen

If you have a natural love of dogs, it makes sense to have a desire to spend time around them. Working with dogs is a great way to satisfy your need for furry friends. Instead of spending all day missing Fido, consider one of the following ways to help keep your canine companion close by.


If you like your current job in spite of the fact that it is noticeably lacking in canine companionship, consider volunteering. You can volunteer at a local retirement home or even at certain hospitals where your dog can provide therapeutic assistance for people in need. Just be sure to get your furry friend certified beforehand and make sure they have the training and temperament to deal with many different people.

Bring Your Dog to Work

Did you know that some workplaces allow you to bring your pup to work? Sometimes, these companies allow your dog in the building on a specific day, but smaller businesses will sometimes allow you to bring your dog to work every day, given that he is well-behaved and house trained. If you are uncertain as to whether your place of employment allows your furry friend in the building, ask. There are a plethora of mental health advantages associated with having your pup nearby, and the worst thing your boss can do is say no.

Working With Dogs

If bringing your pet to work on occasion or volunteering just isn't cutting it, you can always find a job that puts you up close and personal with dogs. A lot of people love working with animals, having found a way to find their happiness on the job. Another great option would be to work at a pet franchise, such as a pet store, vet or grooming salon. In turn, you will be able to work at a place surrounded by the animals that you love so much. An animal-oriented career can give you a unique sense of joy and fulfillment.

There is a reason that dogs are praised around the world for being a human's best friend. They are truly extraordinary animals that form deep bonds with us. It can make going to work without them every day exceptionally difficult. Fortunately, there are ways to get around the heartache of not being around dogs or specifically your own pet all day. Speak with your boss about the possibility of starting a bring your dog to work day, or start looking for an occupation where dogs are always present to increase your happiness and satiate your appetite for furry fun.

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