What to Know About Socializing Your Puppy

What to Know About Socializing Your Puppy

Well-socialized puppies grow up to be good canine citizens. Socializing your dog can help instill contentment, confidence, and obedience while reducing the risk of aggressive behavior in the future. Start socializing your pup today!

Helps Cope with High Energy Levels

Puppies are rambunctious, and they love spending time running, playing, jumping and exploring. Giving your dog an appropriate space and time to burn off some of that excess energy will help you train him in the future. When pups don’t have an opportunity to exhaust that energy, they are more likely to ignore your commands, be distracted during training and even wander off during a session. These behaviors are dangerous for both you and your dog. 

The energy levels of puppies stay high for at least the first year of their lives, making ongoing socialization essential for channeling it. From birth to 10 weeks of age, puppies are little explorers. They may get a bit rough with littermates. Between 10 and 16 weeks, puppies are like teenagers. They have an abundance of energy, may become mouthy and may not pay attention during training sessions. They may also start destructive chewing at this time. Socialization during this time helps channel that energy to more positive behaviors and will reduce frustration for both you and your dog during training sessions.

Helps Avoid Accidents

Puppies who aren’t socialized can become dogs with aggressive traits later in life. Dog bites are common in undersocialized dogs, especially among those whose owners who don’t know how to handle them. Being gently handled now by people and other animals will help teach your puppy appropriate bite inhibition and how to stay submissive and calm during any encounter. Daily walks are perfect for socializing your dog and preventing future aggressive behavior. On your walk, your pup will become more comfortable with everything from the sound of cars whirring down the street to the mailman, making the world a little less scary with every step. Any exposure to unfamiliar people, places, environments, and sounds can help your pup become more well-adjusted and less likely to respond to new situations with aggressiveness.

Reduces Fear and Anxiety

Poorly socialized puppies are more likely to grow up with fear and anxiety. Like people, canines fear the unfamiliar, but introducing them to different sights, smells, sounds, and situations when they are young can help them be more confident as they age. The symptoms of anxiety in dogs include non-stop barking, having accidents around the house, chewing inappropriate objects, pacing, bolting from the door or escaping from the yard, shaking and hiding. Socializing your pup now can help you avoid these issues in the future, which are much more difficult to fix.

While puppy energy can be adorable, aggressiveness, accidents and fearful behavior are not. Socializing your pup now is the best way to set him up for a lifetime of calm, well-adjusted behavior, so start exploring the world together today.

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