Adjustable Fleece Coats for Dogs and Cats with Drinking Buddy Embroidery

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Your pet will love our newest style of Drinking Buddy pet apparel! These adjustable fleece jackets are almost like wearable blankets. To dress up your dog or cat, simply slip their head through the head hole and then velcro under their tummy.

Customer Reviews

"The cape/jacket you sold us at Nebraska Brewing Company was a big hit with my mom's dog (Tiger).  He has some sensitive ribs from a previous owner, but we were able to put this on without any yips.  Thanks!"

"The new jackets are amazing. My rescued Pitbull/Husky has no hair oddly enough so we looked for a jacket and found Beer Paws! It is beautiful plaid and had pleats in the back and their logo embroidered on it. Extremely well made. She loves it and snuggles in her bed more instead of leaning on us with anxiety non stop. I would recommend to anyone!"

These comfy coats are ideal for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes. Consult the size chart below. If you don't think your pet will fit any of the standard sizes, contact us for a custom coat!

Coat Size Dog's Weight Suggested Breeds
Petite 2-4 lbs TeaCups
XS 5-10 lbs Toy Poodle; Yorkie; Toy Fox Terrier; Papillon; Chihuahua; Maltese
Frenchie 18-26 lbs Fits a French bulldog type body
Small 11-20 lbs Shih Tzu; Bichon; Boston Terrier; Pug; Jack Russell
Dachshund 9-12 lbs Fits a dachshund type body
Medium 21-34 lbs Corgi; Dachshund; Lhasa Apso; Beagle; Cocker Spaniel; Westie
Medium Plus 35-50 lbs Wheaton; Small Bulldog; AmStaff; Large Frenchie
Large 51-80 lbs Labrador; Dalmatian; Small Pit Bull
XL 81-115 lbs Golden Retriever; Greyhound
XXL 116-155 lbs Boxer; Bull Mastiff; Rottweiler
3XL 156-200 lbs German Shepherd; Mastiff; Great Dane