Beers, Barks and Best Buds: Dog Park KC and Bar K


Dogs Allowed: A Look at Kansas City’s New Dog Bars

If you know where to look, there are some really cool bars in Kansas City that let you bring your dog. But what if there was a watering hole where dogs were not only allowed, but encouraged? A place where you could go to hang out with dogs, your friends, and maybe even some dog-loving singles, if that’s what you’re looking for?

You’re in luck. Kansas City is soon to have not one, but two such establishments in the very near future. Of course, I’m talking about Dog Park KC and Bar K.

If you’re a dog lover, and if you’re reading this blog, I think it’s safe to assume you are, you may already be aware of these two places. If not, I get to break the good news.

Dog Park KC

dog park kc

Quenten and Ellie Sepe realized that the unpredictable nature of Midwest weather was wreaking havoc with the exercise schedule of their three dogs Kanga, Gomez and Joey. They started thinking of ways their high-energy pups could get exercise even when the weather was uncooperative. A stroke of genius led them to the concept for Dog Park KC, an indoor dog park that will have all the fun of a dog park, with the feel of a coffee shop and a bar-like atmosphere.

To fund the park, which will be in Waldo, near Kansas City Bier Company, the Sepes started a Kickstarter page with the goal of raising $5000. Unsurprisingly, the locals loved the idea, and they raised over $6000. Slated to launch next year, they envision it as a fun environment where people and dogs alike can go to socialize.

Bar K

bar k bar for dogs in kansas city logo

Bar K was created with a similar vision. Local businessmen Lieb Dodell and David Hensley have leased two acres on the western edge of Berkley Riverfront Park with the idea of opening a bar and restaurant in the middle of a dog park.

Located under the Heart of America Bridge that connects downtown with North Kansas City, the restaurant will feature an outdoor deck where leashed pets will be welcome. Dogs will be free to run off leash on the rest of the site.

While Bar K is being constructed, the owners have launched an IndieGoGo page where people can pre-pay for their dog’s membership at a savings.