Partner Spotlight: Border Brewing Company

Border Brewing Company makes delicious craft beer in the Crossroads district of Kansas City.
Partner Spotlight: Border Brewing Company

A Crossroads Standout

Border Brewing Company

I work in downtown Kansas City, not far from the Crossroads district. And I love it — being this close to an eclectic, artistic area full of great food, beer and culture is one of the best perks of my job. So imagine how excited I was to discover yet another fantastic local brewery had opened its doors right across from the legendary Grinders. Of course I’m talking about Border Brewing Company.

This is the kind of taproom I love — no frills, no food, just great beer in a cool atmosphere. It’s a small place that’s normally fairly full (because KC beer drinkers know quality when they taste it), but even if it’s packed, it’s well worth fighting the crowds for a taste of that sweet, sweet nectar known as Strawberry Blonde. A Blonde Ale with just the right amount of sweetness from pureed strawberries, it’s the perfect drink for those warm spring afternoons. And as a fruit beer lover (don’t judge me!), It’s one of my all-time favorites.

Looking for something with a bit of a bite? The Shiftie IPA is perfectly balanced with a suitably hoppy backend that’s not overly bitter. Or if you’re a Nitro lover, and all good beer lovers should be, the Pub Dweller ESB is fantastic.

Speaking of Nitros, it’s a general consensus that Left Hand’s Nitro Milk Stout is the metric by which all other Milk Stouts are judged. Well, shove over, Left Hand, Border Brewing Company’s Chocolate Milk Stout gives it a serious run for its money. Sweet and creamy, it’s complex enough to satiate the most discerning palate, but easy-drinking enough to enjoy as an all-day beer.

I write about a lot of beer joints for Beer Paws, and I love them all, but just thinking about Border Brewing has me salivating like Pavlov’s dog. I’m headed there after work today to knock back two or three. I can’t wait.

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