Partner Spotlight: Urban Chestnut Brewing Company

Old world class meets new world beer.

If you’re not a local, beer in St. Louis probably means one thing –Anheuser-Busch. And with good reason – they’re one of the world’s largest brewers and sell their products everywhere. But lately, thanks to the craft beer revolution, smaller breweries have been springing up all over the Gateway City, and one of these, Urban Chestnut Brewing Company, has mastered both traditional brewing and adventurous American craft beer. And the results for both are amazing. 

It starts with the Revolution Series. An outstanding take on the artisan feel that American craft brewers are known for, it includes a wide range of selections, from classic American lagers like the Urban Underdog, to the adventurous Count Orlok, a black pumpkin wheat ale. 

For those of you who prefer a more traditional, European-style brew, Urban Chestnut does that too. Their Reverence Series is a masterful take on old world beers, overseen by German-born brewmaster Florian Klupent. Traditional enough to satisfy even the most discerning Central European, these beers come in a variety of styles, including a Belgian wit (Peirre’s Wit), an Irish dry stout (O’Florian’s Irish Stout) and a traditional Oktoberfest lager (Oachkatzlschwoaf – sound it out with me, “o-cat-zel-schwof”).

And if you’re really a beer connoisseur, you simply must try the Hallertauer Series, a group of small-batch beers brewed in Urban Chestnut’s brewery in Bavaria. Utilizing the best brewing of both the United States and Germany, each beer is brewed with high-quality ingredients honoring the Bavarian tradition while incorporating modern American ideals. 

At Urban Chestnut Brewing Company, you get the perfect mixture of the old and the new, the best of both worlds. Stop by for a pint the next time you’re in town. You’ll be glad you did.