Pick-A-Pooch Omaha

Pick-A-Pooch Omaha

Meet your new best friend.

Do you have enough friends? Of course you don’t. Even if your Ms. or Mr. Popularity, there’s always room in your life for one more amigo. But what about a best friend? What about someone who will love you at your worst, comfort you when you’re down and is guaranteed to always be happy to see you? Of course, I’m talking about a pet.

If you’re looking for a new pet, you’re in luck, because there are tons of great dogs and cats looking for forever homes at Omaha’s Pick-a-Pooch on July 15 and 16.  

Admission is free, and with more than 100 booths from all sorts of sponsors, like, oh, Beer Paws, for example, you can stay up to date in what’s happening in the world of dogs and cats. t’s the perfect opportunity to not only get out and socialize with a bunch of really great four-legged friends (and their human supporters).  

But we both know that’s why you’re going. You’re going to see the hundreds of animals from local rescues and shelters. And hopefully take one home! Dozens of animals meet their new families here, why not be part of that?

But wait a minute, Beer Paws guy, you might be saying, I already have a pet. That’s great! He or she can come along, provided your little buddy is well-behaved. You just need to have them on non-retractable leashes and make sure to clean up after them.

And even if you think you’re not looking for a new companion, you may be surprised. Do you believe in love at first sight? Really? You’re going to look in these eyes and tell him you don’t want to take him home? I’m sorry, I just don’t believe you.

So come on out to Ralston arena. Bring the family. Just take a look. With any luck, you’ll be leaving with your new best friend. I hope to see you there.