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Pick-A-Pooch Omaha

Posted by Brian Frederick on

Meet your new best friend. Do you have enough friends? Of course you don’t. Even if your Ms. or Mr. Popularity, there’s always room in your life for one more amigo. But what about a best friend? What about someone who will love you at your worst, comfort you when you’re down and is guaranteed to always be happy to see you? Of course, I’m talking about a pet. If you’re looking for a new pet, you’re in luck, because there are tons of great dogs and cats looking for forever homes at Omaha’s Pick-a-Pooch on July 15 and 16....

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Partner Spotlight: Brickway Brewing & Distillery

Posted by Crystal Wiebe on

Hardworking beer for hardworking Americans. If there’s one thing America values, it’s hard work. Generations of immigrants from all around the world sought out a new life in this country, building new lives through honest hard work. That’s the spirit Brickway Brewing & Distillery crafts into every pint of beer and every glass of spirits they produce. Because anything else would be un-American. Located in the heart of Omaha’s Old Market District, Brickway is the first combination brewery/distillery in Omaha since before Prohibition. A throwback to earlier times, they handcraft beer and liquors according to time-tested recipes and strict standards....

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