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Partner Spotlight: Fossil Cove Brewing Company

Posted by Brian Frederick on

Fossil Cove Brewing Company is a Fayetteville, Arkansas-based brewery that’s spearheading the movement to make the Ozarks synonymous with craft brews. Founded in 2012 with the mission of providing quality ales to all Arkansans, they’ve been building quite a reputation since.

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Brewery Spotlight: Diamond Bear Brewing Company

Posted by Crystal Wiebe on

  Brew fit for a king (or a president). Arkansas has always been a haven for beer drinkers, but for years it never had beer it could call its own. Diamond Bear Brewing Company changed that. And along the way, they just happened to garner the attention of a former president, who, rumor has it, lists their IPA as his favorite brew. Founded in 2000, Diamond Bear was Little Rock’s first production brewery in 15 years. Since then it’s expanded throughout the South, and with good reason – it’s damn good beer. And it has the awards to back it up....

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